Could I use Joypox with Sildenafil products (Ex. Viagra)?

There is no drug-drug interaction between Joypox and sildenafil product but even its recommended to us both of them in patient suffer from erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation

What is the recommended dose of Joypox?

Joypox is available in the Egyptian market in 60 mg scored tablets, so you can start with half tablet (30 mg) and if you need more result you may take the full tablet

How to get the maximum out of Joypox?

Use it before sexual intercourse with 2 hours

Take proper rest before sexual intercourse

Avoid alcohol and smoking

Don’t eat heavy meal before sexual intercourse

 Generally good mood is very important for sexual intercourse 

When I couldn’t use Joypox (Except under medical supervision)?

Using tramadol product

Using (SSRIs) selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors

Have severe kidney problems

Have severe liver problems

Have severe cardiac problems


What is the price of Joypox in the Egyptian market?

Even Joypox similar products worldwide are very expensive (around 140 dollars), Inspire Pharma provides Joypox in the Egyptian market with 30 LE only

What is the Expected result out of using Joypox?

Joypox will increase the sexual intercourse time 4 folds, will increase your control over ejaculation and will increase your and your partner satisfaction with sexual intercourse




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